Warren Reily

Chief Executive Officer

“We believe that real diversification only comes when you employ a truly global outlook driven by a pioneering spirit which recognizes no borders or limitations – that’s how you find the most unique opportunities and become an industry leader. Furthermore, we believe that hard work, researching tenacity and the ability to think outside the box are the key foundations to making the right investment decisions for our clients. But the most important aspect in our approach to work is that we firmly believe that we are here to help our clients achieve their financial objectives, and we will always put the needs of our clients first.”


Patrick Reily

Chief Operating Officer

“Growing up with strong family values and the benefit of my father’s financial expertise, I have strived to follow suit. My father taught me the value of hard work and, although we grew up with every opportunity, he made me work for everything I have accomplished. He showed me how to view the world differently and take the same approach I have towards family and apply the same values to my studies, career, and in planning out my financial future. I’m honored to be a part of this company and share all that I have learned with our clients, and treat them with the same respect, patience and love that my father has shown me.”


Brian Stone

Director Institutional Investing

“I believe that the only way you can excel at your job is to have a real passion for it and to genuinely care about what you do; this is the first thing that I look for when bringing someone on to our team and it is the common characteristic of everybody who works here. Everybody here has the same hunger and desire to improve and deliver the best service to our clients and this is why we are different from the rest. We believe in our fiduciary responsibility, we truly care about the welfare of our clients, and we will do anything we can to ensure the success of their investments.”


Alexander O’Brian

Chief Financial Officer

“I have been in the financial industry for a long time and I have realized that hard work and the willingness to delve into every nook and cranny of an investment opportunity is the only way to achieve sustained success. You have to do more than the other guy, you have to have persistence and determination to succeed. This is what has helped me to stand out throughout my whole career and it is what Warren Reily also believes. This is the reason why I’m here; nobody in this company will ever be allowed to just go through the motions.”


Scott Norman

Director of Accounts

“My passion for working in finance goes far beyond the exciting developments of the global markets. I get even more satisfaction in developing the personal relationships, the service I can provide for individuals and families, and the business relationships with global partners, the amazing team I’m so fortunate to work with every day. This is not a career focusing on money, it’s a career about people. I genuinely love helping people to achieve their goals, and to see how happy they are when they manage to secure a solid financial future for their family.”


David Eisenburg

Director of Mergers and Acquisitions

“I spent much of my career working with big financial firms that seemed to worship money above all else. I saw many good people get caught up by the greed and rush of Wall Street, and seemed to check their morals at the door. Reily and Associates is different. We understand that money is not the most important part of life.  We all here value family and friendships and overall quality of life. We all understand the importance of being financially secure, and we work hard to create that security for all our clients, but we use a balanced and ethical approach.”


Depak Reyansh

Director of Emerging Markets

“I have chosen to live outside the box and consider myself a global citizen in the way I think, live and work. That is why I am really at home here with Reily because my personal and professional philosophies are really in line with the company values. I love living and working globally because I meet people from all around the world.  The world is getting smaller every day and the way we live, work and manage our wealth is changing just as rapidly. Reily and Associates is leading the way in helping people achieve this global balanced lifestyle.”


Tushar Basuthikur

Chief Financial Analyst

“There is nothing more exciting than the world of international business and the global financial markets. We are privileged to make it our life’s work to be a part of how the world operates. I have dedicated my life to researching, analyzing and trying to understand how the global economies work, and how everything is connected. Technology and innovation are changing the game and Reily’s global perspective and diversified approach to investing built upon the core values of Warren Reily himself, make this firm the best in the world in my opinion.”


Michael Platt – Director – Corporate Department
Richard Morris – Director of International Trading
Liu Chin Bao – Mergers & Acquisitions Manager
Michael Watkins – Chief Financial Consultant
Benjamin Taylor – Chief Financial Consultant
Akihiro Saito – Financial Consultant
Akemi Kobayashi – Financial Consultant
Liz Farnham – Chief Client Relationship Manager
Aiko Sato – Client Relationship Manager


Richard Barter – Head of Private Client Division
Hoshi Nakamura – Chief Liaison Officer
Richard Turner – Private Client Division
Alex Morrison – Head of Accounts & Client Relations
Lars Johansson – Chief Cryptocurrency Analyst
Akira Tanaka – Financial Consultant
Joel Ritchie – Financial Consultant
David Watson – Senior Portfolio Manager
Kyle Rhodes – Portfolio Manager
Hiroto Higa – Portfolio Manager
Yamato Chinen – Portfolio Manager
Akemi Watanabe – Director of New Accounts
Aiya Yamamoto – Bancassurance Specialist
Akasuki Tanaka – Alternative Investments Director


Philip Stern – International Business Development Manager
Charles Carver – Business Development Manager
William Sharpe
– Business Development Manager
Oliver House – Business Development Manager
Mark Hodges – Business Development Manager
Patrick Earl – Business Development Manager
James Stanley – Business Development Manager
Christopher Lambert – Business Development Manager

Kyle Rhodes – Business Development Manager
Sam Johnson – Marketing Operations Manager
Aimi Arai – Chief Community Development Manager
Akasuki Adachi – Advertising Manager
Michael Reily – Press Liaison Officer


Matthew Masterson – Financial Analyst
Emiyo Furuya – Financial Analyst
Jamal Khan – Financial Analyst
Kim-sung Yung – Financial Analyst
Minori Hirano – Money Markets Analyst
Nami Fujiwara – Data Management Analyst
Dylan Harper – Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst
Miriam Watkins – Securities Analyst
Osamu Shimoda – Planning and Return Analyst
Lewis Kennedy – Director of Research & Development


Colin Smythe – Chief Compliance Officer
Renjiro Seki – Compliance Officer
Bruce Hayden – Chief Regulations Officer
Jennifer Hartley – Regulations Officer
Ryan Stevens – Chief Technical Officer
Nori Tachibana – Senior Accounting Director
Ryozo Seno – Accounting Director
Seiichi Kanai – Legal Documentation Officer
Gary Butcher – Chief Operations Officer
Goro Iwamoto – Operations Manager
Hugh Chester – Director of Contracts