Reily and Associates reveal a series of initiatives for finding local talent

Reily and Associates reveal a series of initiatives for finding local talent

Reily and Associates are proud to reveal plans for an innovative new initiative to unearth local young business talent and fledgling entrepreneurs.

As an expatriate wealth management company we are always looking to help the community in which we are based, as well as trying to find new ways to progress as a business. We have entered into strategic partnership agreements with various local colleges and universities, including the University of Tokyo, Keio University, and Waseda University. This is the first step in what we hope will be successful venture in finding the next generation of financial advisors and business entrepreneurs.

We will be afforded access to data and relevant material about the brightest minds at these institutions whereby we will conduct a comprehensive search in order to find what we consider to be the most applicable candidates. We will then proceed to invite the applicants to a series of interviews and work experience weeks, as well as offering them the chance to work closely with some of our company’s staff.

We will then put any interested applicants which we regard as the candidates with the right capabilities through a series of written examinations, aptitude tests, interviews and field research work in various different parts of the world. They will also be asked to sit through a series of in-house seminars and workshops with members of our Financial Advisory team and also our Research & Analysis team, who will assess their desire, work ethic, and intellect.

This will be a year-long process at the end of which we will determine the candidates who we feel are the more worthy recipients of our help, and there will be various rewards, including positions within our company, funds for business start-ups, and any help they need for finding employment in another company. The chosen applicants will also be asked to assist in this process for the next generation of candidates.

We believe that this is significant proof of our commitment to our corporate responsibility charter, as well as bearing testament to our dedication to innovation, and will also prove to be a great step forward in the progress of our company. We look forward to the culmination of this project and to unearthing young local talent which we can help to achieve their dreams and aspirations, as well as helping to expand their mind to the world of opportunities on a global scale.

Warren Reily said, “This is the culmination of an idea that has been germinating in our company for a while. We are always looking to develop and progress, as well as finding ways to help our local communities as part of what we consider our expat duties. This is great step forward and it proves further our dedication to innovation, and we are certain that this will bear fruit for our company in the future.”

About Reily and Associates:

Reily and Associates is an expatriate wealth management company based in Tokyo, Japan, which offers high quality financial services and investment opportunities to a broad range of clients, both independent investors to institutional clients, as well as specializing on catering to our expatriate clientele. We are industry leaders who operate on a global scale and are always looking to unearth new investment opportunities and find gaps in the market. Our core investment philosophy is based around innovation and global diversification and in offering equal investment opportunities for both institutions and individuals.

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