Reily and Associates Announce the Expansion of their Business Innovation Leadership Program

Reily and Associates Announce the Expansion of their Business Innovation Leadership Program

We are proud to announce the expansion of the Business Innovation Leadership Program (BILP), the flagship initiative for the Reily Foundation for Business Entrepreneurs and Individual Enterprise, designed to unearth, nurture and fund innovative business ideas which have the potential to shape the future of the business world.

We have recently negotiated the expansion of the BILP, launched in May 2018, and all of its ongoing projects, by securing additional funds and resources which will allow the participants to take their innovation and entrepreneurship on to the next level, and help to transform each enterprise into a successful business. Financing has come from several of our institutional partners, and additional resources have been made available by various Universities and private Research and Development Centers around the country.

This program has been operating since May 2018 and has involved more than 2,000 graduates and post-graduates in that time, serving almost 100 start-ups ventures, helping with operational management ideas, company structure, industry market research, technological development, and funding. It has been a long and complicated enterprise which has brought together several carefully selected industry experts and other business specialists, who have contributed to the ongoing success of the BILP projects. We feel that we are now in the position whereby these projects can fulfill their potential.

We have been working closely with the brightest young minds in the Japanese business world and the most exceptional business students selected from the most prestigious Universities in Japan for the last three years within our Reily Foundation. Our Board of Business Advisors have been advising, guiding, and funding various start-ups which have shown the potential for true innovation. Reily and Associates have a long history of fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing local talent, and we are proud to be able to provide the necessary resources and professional network and connections that they need  in order to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

Several of the start-ups are now at an advanced stage of financing after several series of investment rounds, while many of our groundbreaking research projects are now ready to be taken from the laboratory or classroom into the business world. We have also managed to build up an extensive network of mentors and business experts who are at hand to help the young entrepreneurs to navigate the business landscape, especially in terms of financing and talent recruitment. In addition, various core key ideas in terms of business models and marketing which have been developed within this program have been integrated into a number of our subsidiary businesses.

While we are satisfied and proud of our achievements with the Business Innovation Leadership Program, we have several more ambitious projects in mind and we feel that this is only the beginning of what will be a hugely successful and rewarding endeavor.

CEO Warren Reily, said, “This project makes me very proud. It is wide-ranging and long-term in scope and only the beginning We feel very strongly about not only supporting our local community, but also about finding new ways to unearth the business leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. It is immensely gratifying to be involved in something which helps so many students and young entrepreneurs make the transition from start-up ideas and theoretical business models to actual businesses. It’s fantastic to have secured additional funding and research resources to allow this project to continue and expand”

About Reily and Associates:

Reily and Associates is an expatriate wealth management company based in Tokyo, Japan, which offers high quality financial services and investment opportunities to a broad range of clients, both independent investors and institutional clients, as well as specializing on catering to an expatriate clientele. Reily and Associates’ core investment philosophy is based around innovation and global diversification, and in offering equal investment opportunities for both institutions and individuals.


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