Reily and Associates Announce Plans for Community Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

Reily and Associates Announce Plans for Community Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global economy in an unprecedented way, and has heaped enormous pressure on every section of society around the world. Here at Reily and Associates we understand the difficulties faced by our community in this time of a national State of Emergency. In line with our Community Responsibility Charter, we are determined to use our resources and experience to alleviate some of the hardship on the people within our community, especially for the relief workers who are trying to deal with this crisis in the present time.

First and foremost we understand the critical and brave work being carried out under extreme pressure by the frontline doctors in the healthcare industry trying to save the lives of the people who have been infected with coronavirus, and we want to help. To this end we have donated over 100,000 masks and 200,000 pairs of surgical gloves to be distributed to hospitals in Tokyo and the surrounding provinces. We are also in discussion with various key manufacturers of Ultraviolet Light Machines in order to increase their production levels, and also ventilator manufacturers in an effort to decrease the delivery time of these life-saving machines.

We have also launched a Healthcare Relief Fund to provide finances for the Japanese healthcare industry and the charity relief organizations who are working hard in an effort to help the communities which have been hit the hardest in this time of crisis. In addition, we are in discussion with several local charities in order to find ways to assist them through funds, equipment, and logistical support, and thus enable them to perform their tasks unburdened by financial constraints.

In light of the government’s recent decision to declare a State of Emergency, we understand that small businesses will be hit the hardest in the current economic environment. To that end, we have worked hard to put together a Small Business Relief Proposal with the aim of helping small businesses in our community safely navigate these turbulent times. We have also formed strategic partnerships with some of our institutional clients in order to support the operations of the small businesses in our community.

These are extraordinary times and unprecedented circumstances which call upon all of us as individuals and as a community to do what we can to help those around us in need of assistance. We must all find ways in which we can help and support others. We are extremely proud to be able to say that all of our employees here at Reily and Associates have pledged to make charitable contributions to the healthcare workers who are on the frontline of this unique global war.

We hope that you will all endeavor to deal with this situation with as much responsibility as possible, and we wish everyone luck with the future.

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