Reily and Associates announce inaugural Global Independent Investors Forum in Beijing

Reily and Associates announce inaugural Global Independent Investors Forum in Beijing

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with several wealth management companies in Korea to host the inaugural Global Independent Investors Forum in Beijing sometime at the beginning of the new year.

The conference will be comprised of seminars and lectures hosted by various distinguished keynote speakers, numerous discussion groups and assemblies, as well as several interactive workshops which will be specifically designed to connect investors, businesses, manufacturers and wealth management advisors in an effort to increase profitability for all concerned parties.

In attendance will be a host of the region’s leading financial minds, industry leaders and decision makers as well as a selection of specially invited guests from around the world, as well as some of our chosen sponsored individuals from the Reily Foundation for Business Entrepreneurs and Individual Enterprise. This will be a platform whereby investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and financial advisors will feel encouraged to enter into an honest exchange of ideas and concepts.

In addition to this sharing of viewpoints the conference will provide fantastic possibilities for networking with like-minded professionals. We also want to take this chance to connect investors with businesses in need of funding and there will be opportunities for individuals and companies to propose investment ideas in need of finance.

Seminar topics on the agenda are still being finalized but they will include the state of the global emerging markets today, issues of fiduciary responsibility, fees transparency, and regulatory changes within the wealth management industry.

There will also be a charity dinner and dance of which the proceeds will go towards our charity partners and beneficiaries of the Reily Foundation for Business Entrepreneurs and Individual Enterprise.

Warren Reily said, “We are proud to be at the center of this auspicious occasion and I am certain that it will be a resounding success. We are looking to provide a forum which is full of opportunities for the interlinking of the different strands of the financial industry, from investors to businesses and advisors.  We hope that it is the first of many such events.”

About Reily and Associates:

Reily and Associates is an expatriate wealth management company based in Tokyo, Japan, which offers high quality financial services and investment opportunities to a broad range of clients, both independent investors to institutional clients, as well as specializing on catering to our expatriate clientele. We are industry leaders who operate on a global scale and are always looking to unearth new investment opportunities and find gaps in the market. Our core investment philosophy is based around innovation and global diversification and in offering equal investment opportunities for both institutions and individuals.


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