Investment Products

Let your capital work for you in order to secure your financial future

We have experts who are specialists at identifying investment opportunities across a broad range of asset classes and global markets. They then make informed investment decisions in order to yield big profits for you and help you to achieve your investment objectives. Our Research & Analysis team have extensive knowledge of the global markets and are relentless in exploring new market opportunities. They also maintain a close watch on economic and political events in order to safeguard your investments against any market fluctuations.

Our Financial Advisors will consider your investment objectives, your risk tolerance and your investment horizon, and they will then advise you about the best investment opportunities. We maintain relationships along the whole line of business and we also specialize in emerging markets and offshore investing, and our innovative attitude ensures that we always stay ahead of our competitors in recognizing gaps in the markets.

Our Financial Advisors will talk to you in order to understand your life goals and financial objectives so that they can build solid long-term relationships with you based on trust and honesty which will ensure that you remain with us in the future. We have specialists in every field and we can help you to invest in any asset class using a wide range of investment funds, from simple Mutual Funds to high risk high yield Hedge Funds.

We can offer you investment opportunities in all the global markets

  • Stocks – We maintain a strong presence in all the Indexes and we can provide you with opportunities in investing in small-, medium- or large cap companies across a broad range of industries. We can offer you the chance to buy common, preferred or restricted stock.
  • Mutual Funds – We have at our disposal a wealth of Mutual Funds and NTFs (No Transaction-Fee Funds) for you to invest with which cover a broad range of investment objectives, asset classes and risk exposure to match your financial goals.
  • Fixed-Income – We can offer you the chance to buy low risk bonds in order to secure some dependable income and protect your portfolio’s capital against any unforeseen market fluctuations or economic catastrophes.
  • ETFs – We have over 200 commission-free ETFs from leading providers tracking across the whole range of securities and Indexes which can offer you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio while providing your capital with more liquidity.
  • Hedge Fund – We can offer our high net worth clients the chance to invest in over 300 high risk hedge funds from around the world and different markets which provide you with the opportunity to attain high rewards.
  • Forex – Our experts keep a track on the currency markets from around the world and perform the technical analysis for you in order to be able to then present you with the right investment opportunities.
  • Futures – We have a team of specialists who will guide you in trading in an extensive range of futures products, with both hedging and speculating options, which give you the potential for high returns.
  • Annuities – We can offer you an extensive range of fixed and variable annuity options which can provide you with a steady income for life to safeguard your financial future in your retirement age.
  • Options – We can offer you the opportunity to speculate using the power of leverage in order to have the chance to achieve higher-then-normal positive returns, while hedging your position to help minimize the risk potential.
  • IPOs – We specialize in IPOs and we have a team of market researchers and financial analysts who are dedicated to finding and evaluating businesses in the process of going public which would be good investments.


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