Corporate Insurance

Insure your business in order to safeguard its future

We consider it of the utmost importance that every business insures itself against every eventuality in today’s inherently unstable marketplace. A company needs to ensure that both the firm and its employees are covered against any unforeseen events so that any emergency can be dealt with quickly and efficiently without any burden on the company’s finances. Every business has certain insurance requirements which fall outside the protection of the basic corporate liability coverage, and it is vital for the long-term health of your company that you are comprehensively insured.

We have extensive experience in both business insurance and group health insurance for your employees, and we can provide you with cover for all your business insurance needs, including accidents, injuries at work, property damage and lawsuits. We will talk to you in order to understand your specific needs before then advising you on the type of insurance cover you need to take out.

We work in conjunction with a host of different insurance companies offering business insurance in order to be able to provide you with a choice of brokers to deal with your corporate insurance needs. Let us help you find the right insurance broker in order to give you peace of mind and allow your business to grow without it being derailed by any unforeseen emergencies.

Features Covered by Corporate Insurance:

  • Property – including theft, physical damage and loss of use
  • Legal Liability – including business-related injuries which occur due to the company’s negligence, or due to defective merchandise or poorly performed services
  • Worker’s Compensation – mandatory in most countries and including medical and disability coverage for employees with job-related injuries
  • Company Vehicles – insuring all company vehicles
  • Key Person Loss – in case of losing, through death or disability,  a person key to the success of a business
  • Life & Health – group life and health insurance for any business’ most valuable asset, its employees
  • Business Interruption – loss of income for a business in case of  property damage or fire or any other reason for business interruption
  • Business Opportunity Plans – specialized tailor-made insurance packages for small businesses
  • E-Commerce Insurance – in case of hacking which leads to “denial of service”


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