Fiduciary Responsibility


The financial industry has always been plagued by self-serving financial consultants and wealth management firms which do not act in the best interests of the client, as well as financial scams perpetrated by fraudulent companies.

Furthermore, wealth management firms will often assault their clients with back-end charges and hidden fees which the clients are unaware of and which will cut into their profits. We are firmly against this and we believe that we need to rally against these injustices against the clients and we need to expose the fraudulent promoters behind the sophisticated financial scams.

In order to ensure complete fiduciary accountability, there needs to be total transparency of fees charged and with full disclosure of any conflict of interest for the financial advisors and the investment products they are offering. Financial advisors have a responsibility to steer their clients towards the best investment opportunities as opposed to funds and products which benefit the financial advisor rather than the client.

While there are rules and regulations in place which try to ensure that wealth management firms adhere to these fiduciary principles, they are not fully enforced and they vary in different jurisdictions. Furthermore, there are many self-serving lobby groups and unscrupulous financial advisors who are opposed to being held accountable and defame the regulatory bodies which are trying to bring transparency to an often impenetrable and muddy industry.

We wholeheartedly agree with and support the global regulatory bodies which are constantly striving to transform the financial industry in order to ensure that financial advisors recommend investment products primarily for the benefit of the client. Furthermore we support the rules and regulations which have been put in place in order to bring about complete transparency of fees and hidden back-end charges which clients are unaware of.

We believe in true fiduciary responsibility and accountability.

Our Pledge to our clients

  • We will advise you of all fees and charges which you are liable for
  • We will disclose any conflict of interest in any investment product which we offer you
  • We will product written confirmation on any assurances that you may ask for about any investments made on your behalf

Our Mandate

  • Meet all new and necessary regulatory requirements
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Improve client investing experience
  • Top down simplification of fees and charges structure
  • Focus on improving client protection and client disclosure
  • Take active part in the global awareness of financial fraud
  • Employ security analytics in order to thwart potential cyber-security threats
  • Employ the use of a hybrid-advisory models in order to improve clients’ flexibility