Fees and Charges

Simple and transparent fee structure

We understand that one of the biggest frustrations that investors have is the hidden fees and obscured commissions and back-end charges that they are assaulted with on every transaction they make. We also understand that investors are fed up with being confronted with convoluted payment structures which seem to be specifically designed to confuse them. We share your frustrations and we are determined to make it easier for you.

We offer a payment structure which is simple to understand and completely transparent and which carries no hidden fees or back-end charges. You do not have to pay for anything that you do not need to pay for and there are no additional extras. You will not be charged for any consultations or reports that we make on your behalf. You simply pay the same commission on each trade we make on your behalf.


  • 1% of the total amount of each transaction
  • Trade-by-Trade


  • You are not tied in by any lock-in commitment
  • We will give you a full 60 days notice of any fee adjustments
  • You can terminate your contract with us anytime by providing us with 30 days notice