We can guarantee your retirement is stress-free and unburdened by financial troubles

Securing sufficient funds for retirement is of the utmost importance for most individuals who wish to live out their retirement age without the stress of financial burdens. We encourage our clients to secure their future by setting up a safe pension scheme in order to guarantee a regular income stream when you are no longer working. This is usually a fairly simple procedure when you are living in your home country or have a corporate pension scheme.

However, as an expat who is now living abroad, it gets slightly more complicated as the number of options available to you increase. You also have to consider other factors such as whether or not you hold a pension in your home country, and if you then decide to transfer the money held in your pension savings fund without incurring any charges or transaction fees.

We have experts who can guide you on the different options available to you depending on your unique personal circumstances. We will conduct a thorough examination of your current resident and employment status and then advise you on how best to set up a pension scheme in order to maximize your retirement funds. We specialize on pension schemes for UK expats.


  • QROPS – Overseas pension schemes which allow for the transfer of UK pension benefits without incurring charges
  • QNUPS – Tax efficient pension schemes which allow for investment of wealth overseas with certain flexibility
  • Defined Benefit Schemes – Pension schemes which pay out an income based on your final salary when you left your company
  • SIPPS – Pension schemes which allow you to make your own decisions about investment options available to you
  • Pension Lifetime Allowance – Protection against tax incurred on any amount above the Pensions Lifetime Allowance
  • Purchasing an Annuity – Take 25% of your pension tax-free and use the rest to buy an annuity which will provide income


with one of our qualified experts.