Community Responsibility

Responsible investing has the power to enrich the lives of the community around us

We are aware of our obligation to our clients to preserve the wealth that we are custodians for in order to maintain a long-term investment perspective and to create strong companies which will be able to continue to be successful in the future. We firmly believe in providing investment solutions for our clients which enable them to achieve long-term financial success, and which are guaranteed to create financially sound businesses.

We believe that strong and socially aware companies can help to enrich the lives of those around them by generating jobs and opportunities which can in turn bolster the local community. We are steadfast in our belief that by helping to make our corporate partners and clients more successful, while at the same time ensuring that they share our principles of corporate responsibility, is the only real way to improve the lives of both employees and consumers.

We also place extreme importance on our social responsibility towards the community around us and we are dedicated to supporting and trying to improve the social and economic conditions of the people within it. We make regular charity contributions to many worthwhile enterprises and we always look for new and meaningful initiatives which may need our help in order to reach a wider audience and help as many people as possible.

However, we do not think charity is the means to long-term change and we prefer to focus more on creating more economic opportunities for the people who we think most deserve it. We identify individuals with potential, initiative, work ethic and enterprise, and we try to help by empowering them in order to help them to achieve their dreams and realize their true potential. We want to reward entrepreneurialism and innovation, and in turn inspire self-sustaining communities.


  • We will always make investment decisions designed to promote long-term growth for our clients and the community around us
  • We are committed to creating economic opportunities within the communities in which we are base in
  • We are dedicated to inspiring and supporting entrepreneurialism and initiative by empowering individuals with drive and ambition