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COVID-19 spreads more like flu than SARS: Chinese study

BEIJING: Scientists in China who studied nose and throat swabs from 18 patients infected with COVID-19 say it behaves much more like influenza than other closely related viruses, suggesting it may spread even more easily than previously believed. In at least in one case, the virus was present even ...

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South Korea reports 31 new cases of COVID-19, bringing total to 82

SEOUL: A cluster of COVID-19 infections centred on a church in the South Korean city of Daegu leaped to 39 cases Thursday (Feb 20), as the country's total spiked for the second successive day. Almost half the country's patients are linked to a 61-year-old woman who is a member of the Daegu branch ...

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Tranquil Thailand's gun culture in spotlight after shooting sprees

BANGKOK: Normally serene Thailand has been on edge since a rogue soldier went on the rampage in a northeastern city this month, killing 29 people in a shooting spree that ended in a standoff with police at a shopping mall. Ten days later, a man walked into a clinic in a busy Bangkok shopping mall...

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